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Return To Work Coaching

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Return to work successfully, your way

Returning to work after a break of any duration can be a daunting experience.  Even if you are returning to the same job and supportive colleagues, it can feel as though a lot has changed, not the least you and your priorities.  For some, a career restart is an opportunity to do something completely different.

Whatever your reason for taking a career break, or motivation
for returning, we are here to help.

The first step is thinking honestly about what type of role you want now and in the future.

  • Are you seeking continuity with your pre-break career?
  • Would you like a career change but aren’t sure of your options?
  • Do you want to ‘downshift’ and have more time for family?
  • Are you aiming for a more senior role?
  • Would you like to start your own business?

We help you focus on what you want and what is realistic.  And we can advise on how to manage childcare or even a future pregnancy without taking your eye off the ball at work. The key is to think ahead, and we have the expertise to help you anticipate and prepare for the challenges ahead of you.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a role that you will find rewarding. Our Return to Work Coaching will help you factor in everything from money to location to schooling and family holidays. By doing this, you will clarify the concrete steps you need to take to restart your career your way.

 Return to Work Coaching Services

We provide Return to Work coaching in individual sessions and coaching packages.
We also run Return to Work workshops from time to time.

If you are not sure which service would be best of you, or if you don’t see what you are looking for,
please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.

Return to Work Coaching Programmes

Bespoke coaching packages
to focus on your return to work

Return to Work Single Topic Coaching

Focussed expert advice
to help you return to work

Returning to work London coaching by Runneth London

 What Our Clients Say..


“Kath provided excellent advice to me about going back to work part time after a parental-related career break. She helped me to crystallise my thoughts and provided me with insights on areas that I had not considered before. Her knowledge in a wide range of career fields is also very helpful.”  

Jennifer T, London
Return to Work Coaching

(5* Facebook review)


“Kath is the perfect person to bounce projects/ ideas off with – she’s really motivating and knowledgeable in her field and helped set my career goals straight.”


Jessica H, London
Career Coaching

(5* Facebook review)


“I found it to be very helpful and motivating, and I found myself more confident and energised after the session.  I would not hesitate to look to Kath for advice in the future.”


Taiwan W, Wandsworth London
Return to Work Workshop

(Client testimonial)

Return to Work Coaching Programme


Our Return to Work Coaching Programme has been specifically designed for people who are returning to work after a career break.  Most of our clients are mothers, hoping to return after a family career break, but we also work with men and women in a variety of circumstances (including post-redundancy).  

We also regularly work with people who have already had professional exit coaching or career coaching but feel they have not received the practical advice they need to secure their next job.

We know that this return to work may well coincide with a career change or the desire to start your own business.  We also know that you may already be mentally “trading down” on opportunities in order to find any re-entry role, or to get some flexibility in your role – to fit it around family or other commitments.

With our help, you will reset your expectations about what is possible, and we will give you all the tools and support you need to secure your dream job.

Each Return to Work Coaching Programme includes:

  • individual career coaching sessions
    – in person in London, or via phone
  • progress update calls/emails
  • tailored exercises for you to complete between coaching sessions

The sessions are tailored but often cover topics such as:

Specifying Your Next Job:

  • Understanding your personal brand and work values
  • Clarify your role requirements
  • Expert insights on the type of roles you may be considering
  • A personal plan to research and secure your next role

Getting Job Search Ready:

  • CV Update Expert Review
  • LinkedIn Update Expert Review
  • How to deal with your career gap

Getting Interview Ready:

  • Interview technique practise
  • How and when to ask for part-time/flexible work
  • Post interview etiquette

Accepting the Job:

  • Negotiating your job offer/package
  • Successful re-entry support to make your first weeks a success

Coaching sessions typically last 75-120 minutes for the initial meeting, and 60-90 minutes for subsequent sessions.  We meet with clients across London, and provide telephone coaching in the UK and beyond.

Return to Work Single Topic Coaching

This Return to Work Coaching Session includes:

  • 1 x coaching session – in person in London, or via phone – scheduled to suit you
  • follow on actions for you to complete after the coaching session

Topics include:

  • CV review and detailed expert feedback
    Get expert advice on your CV to make it work harder for you.  We’ll bring you up-to-date with the latest CV formats and expectations, and at the same time, help you to showcase your skills and experience.
  • LinkedIn Profile review and detailed expert feedback
    LinkedIn is now a basic requirement for anyone who is working or looking for work.  If you need to create or update your LinkedIn profile, our expert advice will help you to polish your profile, helping you to market yourself better for future jobs.
  • Interview Readiness
    Practise your interview skills, dust off your career history, make sure you shine at your next job interview
  • Flexible Working Options
    We all know about part-time and full-time jobs but what are the other flexible working options, and the pros and cons of each.  Get advice on the many options available and what will work best for your family and career stage.
  • Childcare Options for Working Parents
    What are the various options available for childcare, and the pros and cons of each?  We will give you truly independent advice on the best option for your family’s specific needs today and in the future.
  • Strategic Career Development
    Planning you next career moves and how you will achieve them.  Seniority doesn’t always mean longer hours and less flexibility, often it means the opposite.  By taking a strategic approach to your career you can return to work successfully and create the long term career you want in the future.

Return to Work Single Topic Coaching Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes, to suit you.  We meet with clients across London, and provide telephone coaching in the UK and beyond.

Contact us for an obligation-free chat.

We’d be happy to explain a bit more about how we work
and answer any questions you may have.

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