Career Drop In Sessions

Our career drop-in clinics can be a cost-effective way to help your people focus on their development, feel supported and perform to their best.

Our clients include leading banks, law firms, charities and professional institutions.

Meeting corporate client for Career Drop In Clinic in London office

Career Drop-In Sessions

Our career drop-ins can be a flexible way to help your people focus on their development and performance.

Drop-ins can be adapted for each employer but our clients typically offer their employees the option to book a confidential 30-45 minute slot with a career expert.  The drop-in is run on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on organisation size, or on an ad hoc basis as needed (typically during periods of organisational change).

Employers encourage their team members to use this one-on-one time in a variety of ways – from helping someone to manage a demanding workload more effectively, to practical help in preparing for an important presentation.

With experience of managing and coaching people all levels of organisations, our Careers Expert Kath Sloggett will help to instil confidence and improve effectiveness for everyone – from the most recent graduate joiner to the CEO.

To discuss how we can help your team,
please call us on 020 7043 2292 or email us.

Our Corporate Event Clients Include …

Corporate career workshops and talks run by Runneth London

What Our Drop In Attendees Say …

“I was finding it really hard to connect with my new manager – we have such different styles – and getting his sign off on things was impossible.  After two sessions with Kath everything has changed for the better.  She gave me the tools to approach things differently.  Almost immediately everything started working better and my manager has just praised me for being easy to work with!”

Anon (Senior Manager)

“I don’t mind admitting I felt overwhelmed.  My workload has grown, clients seem to be more demanding than ever, but I also have a hard deadline when I have to leave work to collect my son from childcare.  I felt like I was always rushing and was letting everyone down.

In our session, we went through all my to do list and Kath gave me some new ways to prioritise and focus.  It sounds simple but it has made the world of difference.  Now I feel back in control.

This session should be offered to all working parents.” 

Anon (Manager, recently returned from maternity leave)

“Kath helped me to prepare the slide deck for a potentially difficult Board presentation and we rehearsed it together.  Her advice was excellent.  You can see that she understands large organisations and presentations of this type.  

We started by analysing the audience and looking at their different perspectives on the subject which is something I have never done in this way before.  It led to some major changes to the presentation.

I’ve since been asked to present at an external event so I will be able to use Kath’s approach for that too.

Anon (‘Head of’)

Kath Sloggett, from Runneth London, presenting at Women In Business Conference

Kath Sloggett, CEO of Runneth London, presenting on ‘Connecting for Success’
at the London Business School’s Women in Business Conference.