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UK Returnship Programmes – 2017

Helping talented and experienced professionals return to work after a career break

Below is the list of all return to work programmes run in the UK in 2017, or skip to the lists of returnship programmes offered in 2016 and 2018. Read more about returnships and return to work programmes on our Returnships page.

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Returnships offered by UK employers for 2017:

RBS NatWest Markets Comeback Programme, London, started September 2017.

Barclays 2017 Encore Return to Work programme, London, started October 2017.

UBS Career Comeback, hiring into permanent roles, started September 2017.

PwC Back to Business 6-month Returner programme.

O2 14-week Career Returners Programme.

Highways England Returner programme, 6-months, started September 2017.

Virgin Media Boomerang Returner programme, 6-months, started September 2017. 

Creative Equals had a number of opportunities in advertising, 8-12 weeks, various start dates. 

Deloitte 20-week return to work programme (4 days per week) started September 2017. 

Macquarie Bank 12-week Returner programme, started September 2017.  

Network Rail 12-week Surveyors Return to work programme, started September 2017. 

EY Reconnect, 12 week programme, started September 2017 and January 2018. 

Fidelity New Horizons, 20 week programme, started September 2017. 

Film London Return to Work scheme, 4 week programme, started April 2017. 

Morgan Stanley, 12 week returner programme, started September 2017. 

Capgemini, 6-month Return@Capgemini programme, started May and September 2017.  

Aberdeen Asset Management Returners Programme, started April 2017.  

Redington Returners, 10 week programme, started March 2017. 

Lloyds Banking Group, 16 week Returner programme, started June 2017.

Vodafone Reconnect, six month programme, includes flexible working options.

Enfield Council Career Returners, six month programme, started May 2017.

Man Group Returner Programme for technology professionals, started May 2017. 

Home Office Return to Work programme for HR professionals, six months, part-time, started April 2017. 

Balfour Beatty Returners Programme, started April 2017.

Worldpay Refresh programme, started April 2017.

M&G Investments – provides assistance to Career Returners, learn more here

Daphne Jackson Trust Return to Research STEM fellowships, programmes are tailored to the individual, apply at any time

DMW IT Consulting – operate a ‘Return to Work’ initiative supporting career returners, search their open vacancies here

Skanska Return to Work programme, applications closed 28 February 2017.

Mizuho Return to Work programme, started February 2017.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch “Returning Talent”, started January 2017.

Credit Suisse “Real Returns” 12 weeks, started April 2017.

SapientNitro, Creative Agency, Career Returns Programme, 12 weeks, started January 2017.

Mastercard – “Relaunch your Career”, 12 weeks, started January 2017.

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