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Career Coaching for Relocating Partners

Relocation career coaching services in London UK

Expert Career Advice for Relocating Partners

Today’s mobile workers are highly likely to be part of a dual-career couple.  Their partners are more educated and are more professionally active than ever before.

These days, the vast majority of relocating partners (over 85% of both genders) have a successful career or business of their own, which needs to be carefully nurtured and adapted during and after the move to the host location.  Some partners may be planning a return to work after a career break, some may be trying to decide whether to take a career break.  Others may be actively seeking a career change.

Very few expat partners (8% female and 3% male) identify as being “Stay At Home” partners.  But even non-working expat partners may have development goals or may hope to secure a role that lets them contribute to their new community in other ways.

So it is perhaps not a surprise that the career of their partner is a primary concern for most relocating employees.  Recent research shows that the partner’s career is now the single most important consideration when relocating couples are deciding whether to accept an International move.

“Employers confirm that the number one reason for employees not accepting an international assignment is the potential disruption to the career of their relocating partner.”

Source: 2018 Relocating Partner Survey Report (EY & NetExpat)

Thankfully employers are increasingly recognising the need to support the relocating partner, with 90% of International employers offering some form of expat partner support.  The support offered has evolved from the “lip service” assistance offered to passive “trailing partners” 20 years ago, to the current multi-faceted programs that bring real benefits to the employee, partner and organisation.  These modern expat partner programmes are not typically more expensive, but they target the investment in key ways to ensure maximum impact for the relocating couple or family.

And that’s where we come in.  We provide career coaching services to help expat partners to successfully relocate, or restart, their desired career in the UK.

What are the most common reasons for not accepting an international assignment within your organisation?

Partner career is most important factor in relocation decision

‘Partner unwilling to move because of career’ (male 70%, female 78%).

What are the most common reasons for a failed expat assignment?

Partner happiness is key in relocation assignment success

The most common reason for a failed assignment, mentioned by 71% of corporations, is an unhappy and unintegrated expat partner in the host location.

Career Coaching Services for Relocating Partners

Job Search Career Coaching services with Runneth London

Job Search

We help relocating partners find the right job, whether that might be the continuation of a successful career or a change into something different. We help people understand how to market themselves and how to discover great jobs, whilst instilling confidence and providing motivation along the way.

Helping relocating partners return to work in London

Return To Work

Some relocating partners may not have been working before their relocation but may wish to return to work after the move.  Whether returning to work after a short or long break, and returning to a previous career or to something completely new, we provide practical, confidence-boosting, advice and support to help partners successfully return to work.

Career coaching for relocating partners in the UK

Career Options

Not every relocating partner seeks a job, or paid employment.  We understand that the working life aims for many people are more varied, so we provide support to help partners develop their desired alternative working life.  This may include voluntary or community roles, further education, developing a business, or a myriad of other options.

Work life balance for relocating partners in London

Work/Life Balance

For busy professionals, balancing work and home life demands can be challenging – and especially so in a new location with different workplace cultures.  Knowing how to achieve the right balance for each individual, with access to expert guidance and practical tools, can improve the quality of life for the relocating partner as well as for their partner or family.

Runneth London is a member of London Relocation Partners,
working together to support London-based international employees and their families.

Our Career Coaching Approach

The process is bespoke for each individual but may include:

  • Assessment of personal work values, skills and experience
  • Defining clear career goals and the steps to achieve them
  • Understanding the UK job market and workplace cultures
  • Proven job search strategies and tactics
  • Practical expert support with CVs, LinkedIn, cover letters, etc
  • Interview coaching
  • Negotiating your package or next career move
  • Strategic job design/redesign
  • Work/life balance and strategies to achieve it
  • Building networks and making local connections
  • Strategies to overcome barriers to success
  • Life and career planning exercises.

Our career coaching packages typically include one-to-one career coaching sessions, progress update calls/emails, and tailored exercises to complete between sessions.  We meet with clients across London, and provide telephone coaching in the UK and beyond.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat.   We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can explain the relevant package and pricing options available.

Career Coaching London clients by Runneth London

Benefits for Employer Organisations

Our career services helps organisations secure their first-choice relocation candidates, once those candidates know that their partner’s own career will be expertly supported.  This concern is perhaps most tangible for the 69% of mobile employees for whom their partner’s income is “significant” (56%) or even “critical” (13%).  But we also know that concerns about the partner’s career is the single most common reason for an employee not accepting an international assignment (male employee 70%, female employee 78%).

In addition, by supporting the relocated partner, organisations also retain key talent, reduce failed assignments (72% of organisations), improve employee productivity (33% of organisations) and stability, underpin their corporate diversity and inclusivity goals, and enhance their employer brand reputation.

Our Clients

Our clients are from the biggest of global companies to the smallest of niche start ups,
with everything in between including charities, education, health, tech, and more.

With this breadth of experience working with professionals at all levels and from all backgrounds, we have the expert knowledge and practical experience to help.

Career Coaching London Clients of Runneth London

What Our Clients Say…


“Kath is incredibly insightful and helped me to structure my thinking about careers and job search.  

Her guidance was intelligent and reflected a wealth of experience and insight.”

Victoria F, Hampstead, London
Career Coaching

(Client testimonial)


“What makes Kath stand out is her focus on turning thinking into positive and targeted action.  

It’s impressively effective.”

Christopher R, West Hampstead, London
Career Coaching

(Client testimonial)


“Kath provided pragmatic advice and clearly has experience and in-depth knowledge of a variety of industry sectors.  I came away brimming with ideas and inspiration.  

Highly recommend.”

Fiona E, Queen’s Park, London
Runneth Career Bootcamp

(Client testimonial)

Please call us on 020 7043 2292 or email us.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to discuss how we can help your organisation.

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