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We provide Career Coaching, Recruitment and Return-to-Work Services,
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Career coaching for corporate clients

Career Coaching

We focus on helping your key people at key career pivot points – stepping into a new leadership role, moving across the organisation, through an international relocation, the transition to becoming a parent, returning to work after a career break, or exiting the organisation as a good leaver.

Our expert support can help ensure each transition is made successfully, with key talent being retained and each individual we coach feeling motivated and confident throughout.

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Exit Coaching by Runneth London

Career Returners

We can help you access a hidden pool of talented and experienced candidates who are looking to return to their career after a career break. Our candidates are typically not visible or accessible via typical recruitment options.

Join other organisations who are using return-to-work programmes and career returner recruitment to find key people for their organisation, and at the same time progress towards achieving their organisation’s diversity and gender equality targets.

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Career Coaching Drop In by Runneth London


We work with experienced candidates, typically women with 6+ years of relevant professional experience, who are career-minded and are looking for full-time, part-time and flexible roles in London.

Our clients are both big and small – from leading professional firms and corporates, to SMEs and charities – and the roles vary widely but are mainly focused on professional and management roles (CEO, NED, financial, legal, etc).

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Corporate Events by Runneth London

Events & Workshops

Whether you’re organising a career seminar, a lunch time talk, a women’s network event, or an induction programme, our interactive, research-based workshops and events will get your team inspired and leave them equipped with practical takeaways.

We run workshops on a number of topics, and can work together with you to create a bespoke session for your organisation.

We also offer career drop-in clinics, which can be a cost-effective way to help your people focus on their development, feel supported and perform to their best.

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