The Switch Witch: For A Sugar-Free Halloween - Runneth London

Are your kids looking forward to Halloween and eating their body-weight in sweets, treats, candies and lollies?  Then you might like to meet my favourite witch, The Switch Witch.  

A couple of years ago, our dentist* introduced me to the concept of the Switch Witch, and my kids (and I) love it!   It is the ‘no tears’ solution for a sugar-free Halloween.  The clock is ticking but you might just have time to invite her into your home this Halloween.

Here’s how it works

Firstly your family ‘trick or treat’ to your heart’s content, collecting treats as you would normally.  You might allow your kids to eat a few treats along the way, or not, depending on your personal feelings about sugar and/or whether your child can safely imbibe them (e.g. dairy, nut and sugar-free diets).   My kids eat a few – and, let’s be honest, probably a few more while I’m not looking – but they know to leave some room for pizza afterwards.

Then, when you get home, put the treat bowl/bag/cauldron/bucket out of reach of your small people.

Now here is the fun part!  While they are sleeping, the Switch Witch will come and swap their sugary stash for a toy.  It can be any toy.  Or a book (here are some great parent-recommended books for each age), or an activity book. It doesn’t matter.  As long as it is something that is wrapped up in magical paper (er… or tin foil) and it arrives while children are sleeping.  But they MUST be asleep or she can’t visit.  She’s very strict about that, much like Santa Claus.

The only tricky part is deciding whether you will give away (donate) or squirrel away for your own late-night noshathons their tempting but now un-loved treats.  Let your conscience decide!

But does it really work?

Yes!  In my household, my kids ask for the Switch Witch to come, and are excited about what she will bring.  Luckily their expectations are set low since her good friend, the Tooth Fairy, is also a fan of bringing small presents.  She usually also brings a little note to remind them to brush their teeth properly.

Enjoy!  And do let me know how you get on.

Kath x

*Dr Sara Johnstone, Paediatric Dentist, at Dawood & Tanner, in Marylebone London.  Dr Sara saved my sanity after my son’s nasty fall aged 2.5yo, and the subsequent after care, including an extraction 2 years later.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Plus, she taught us about the Switch Witch, for which I will be forever grateful.