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Pink came out of nowhere with that hit M&S coat that sold out several times over a few of seasons ago.   And there is still plenty of pastel, dusky and nude pink around the High Street. But, if you’ll bear with me, I am looking past all that pale pink – mainly because it doesn’t suit me, but also because it tends to look cheap unless you get the tone exactly right for your skin tone and outfit.  A risk best avoided, I believe, unless you’ve got a great eye for colour or a stylist on speed dial.   (Do young people even know what speed dial is/was…? #showingmyage)

Instead I have my eyes firmly fixed on red. Red is on its way people!  It is popping up all over the high street and it is a brilliant way to give your wardrobe, and mood, a little pick-me-up.

Adapt this trend for Work

Dip your toe into the red trend with a hint – a red notebook, travel card holder, earrings, shoes or sunglasses.  A splash of red is more modern than head-to-toe. For work, red is best mixed with more neutral tones for professional offices.  This gorgeous dress from London label, The Fold, ticks lots of boxes.

Red is especially good with classic navy or camel, and the more modern neutral alternatives of pale blue and khaki.  Try to avoid black and red as the combination is too harsh for most skin tones and can easily look dated.

For more casual offices, red can look great in patterned pieces – and many pieces can be worn for both work and weekends.

Styling Tip

The trick with red is to find a tone that will suit your skin tone. If you aren’t sure, head to your nearest department store makeup counter and try a few different shades of red lipsticks.  A good makeup consultant will soon be explaining whether you suit warm-based or cool-based reds, and helping you to spot the differences between tones. If you take along a plain piece of white cardboard, you should be able to create your own little swatch card of your best shades.  Take a snap on your phone so it’s always handy for when you next shop.


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Here are our current favourite red pieces

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Kath Sloggett
Kath Sloggett

Kath Sloggett, founder of Runneth London, is an entrepreneur, career coach and start up adviser, with over 10 years’ experience advising professionals and entrepreneurs. She is also a working mother, with two children aged 7 and 5.

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