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How to Wear Embroidery For Work And Play This Spring

It’s everywhere this Spring! This season, if it moves, someone will have embroidered it.  I love it!

But that doesn’t mean we all need to dive into this trend head to toe.  A little nod is enough, like a little sprinkling of seasoning for your wardrobe.  This is not the time invest heavily in items that are unlikely to stand the test of time.

Adapt this trend for Work

If you want to add a little embroidery to your everyday working wardrobe, try a same or similar coloured embroidery pattern (not high contrast or multi-colour) for tops.  These quieter, less shouty, items can also be worn more regularly and can straddle the work/non-work divide to do double-duty at the weekend

Styling Tip

A little expert styling tip for all patterns including embroidery – match the pattern to your body scale.  If you are taller and broader – go for something big and impactful.  If you are shorter and narrower – go for something small and more intricate.  If you get the scale right, it will make you look more in proportion and ensure the pattern doesn’t “take over” or “get lost” in your outfit.



Here are our current favourite embroidered pieces.


Kath Sloggett
Kath Sloggett

Kath Sloggett, founder of Runneth London, is an entrepreneur, career coach and start up adviser, with over 10 years’ experience advising professionals and entrepreneurs. She is also a working mother, with two children aged 7 and 5.

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