3 May: Negotiation Strategies for Women

As we know, women have phenomenal talents and strengths but, let’s face it, negotiating doesn’t come naturally to many of us.  In fact, we often avoid it altogether if we can. We prefer to knuckle down, work hard and assume that our efforts will be recognised and rewarded during our annual performance review.  But what if they aren’t?  The research consistently shows us that we are missing out by not negotiating effectively.

Join us for this informative workshop where we will share proven negotiation strategies for women in the workplace.  Whether you are negotiating the salary package for your next role, asking for a pay rise or promotion, or making the case for flexible working, our research-based insights and advice will give you the confidence to negotiate your way to a better deal.

This workshop will help you to understand:

– The gender differences in negotiation

– How to gain confidence in negotiating situations

– How to clearly define your objectives and state your case

– Common mistakes to avoid

– What to do if the outcome of a negotiation is not what you wanted


– Gain the confidence to aim higher

– Understand how you can negotiate more successsfully, without becoming someone you are not

– Understand when to negotiate

– Feel ready to ask for your next pay rise this month!


This event has now ended.  Please see our Events page for details of upcoming Runneth workshops, events and drop-in clinics.

Gilly Cross
Gilly Cross

Gilly is a Kiwi in London, a mum of one, and a career-changer - from Forensic Scientist to Business Developer and Social Media Manager at Runneth London.

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