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With new apps hitting the market daily, Kath Sloggett puts forward the very best apps for pregnancy, new mothers and toddlers.

Apps For Pregnancy

My Pregnancy Today (BabyCentre)
Many people discover BabyCentre through its website, which offers daily detailed updates on everything that is happening in your body and with your baby’s development during pregnancy. This app contains the same detailed information plus many other unusual features, including a pregnancy checklist to keep track of “to-dos” and appointments, and a Bumpie tool to capture images of your growing bump.

Contraction Timer Lite
This contraction timer is perfect for when you’re approaching your due date as it helps take some of the guesswork out of when to go to the hospital. The app records the start and end point of each contraction, so you can have a record of how your labour is progressing, and you or your partner can update your hospital and birth team. Some women say that it also provides a nice distraction, or that it helps them to feel more in control during the early stages of labour.

If you are craving all sorts of weird and wonderful foods during your pregnancy, Deliveroo might just be the answer. It is an app that delivers meals from local and well-known restaurants direct to you at home, usually within 30 minutes. You simply put in your postcode and when you’d like to eat, and a range of restaurants that you can order from will be listed. This is a useful pregnancy discovery that might also keep you sane, and equally fed nutritiously, after your baby arrives.

Apps for Parents of Babies

Total Baby This tracks and records all the common baby activities like feeds and nappy changes. Track milestones, doctor visits, vaccinations, height and weight, your child’s temperature, and when to give them medication. And you can have data for multiple children in the one app.

The Wonder Weeks From the bestselling book, The Wonder Weeks, this is a popular app among first-time parents. It offers insights into your baby’s mental development, which can initially manifest in poor sleep, bad appetite, crying, clinging and crankiness.

Baby Ears This app helps you to listen for, and understand, the five sounds every newborn makes before they cry, representing: feed me, burp me, sleepy, tummy pain or discomfort. This can help you feel more in control and you can respond quickly to calm baby before crying starts to escalate.

Apps for Tiny Tots

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Help your toddler learn their shapes, colours, sizes and numbers. Through a series of activities, your toddler can complete each task and earn a virtual sticker on his or her own, listening and learning as they go.

Took Kitchen Monsters Most toddlers love mimicking their parents cooking in the kitchen, but this app takes it to a whole other level. Your toddler will use the (thankfully virtual) sharp knife, blender, microwave, frying plan and more to make creative meals for two slightly naughty monsters.

Cbeebies Playtime There are several activities within the CBeebies Playtime app, but the best for small tots is Something Special Paint Pop with Mr Tumble. Your child chooses a shape – a wellington boot, a bow tie or a handbag – and then colours it using paint splatters in different colours and shapes.  Simple but engaging.


This article first featured in the September/October 2015 edition of Baby London Magazine.
Kath Sloggett.

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